Our award-winning PX? Pressure Exchanger? (PX) family of products provides unmatched energy recovery for seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination systems. Large and small desalination projects around the world rely on our range of PXs to achieve optimal operations and maximum energy savings.Designed with only one moving part using highly engineered alumina ceramic, the PX stands up to the harshest of environments resulting in an unmatched life-cycle cost advantage.


Designed for maximum efficiency, the PX consumes no electrical power, enabling SWRO facilities to reduce their energy consumption by as much as 60%.


With no scheduled maintenance and proven performance for the long run, our PXs offer unbeatably low life-cycle costs.


Our range of PX capacities provides flexibility to optimize train size to specific project requirements, making the PX the ideal solution for new installations and retrofits alike.